Facility Use & Reservation


Register, Pay Fees, and Sign a Liability Release 

BEFORE You Ride!  

Many events do not use our recreational system for registrations.  Please check both the Events section of our store, and the Event Registration page of our website prior to registering.  


CANCELLING YOUR RESERVATIONS: All cancellations must be made in writing to registration@wahorsepark.org.  

Cancellations received in writing by midnight 3 days prior to your scheduled arrival day will incur an 8% processing fee. (For example, if you cancel on Tuesday before midnight for a reservation starting Friday, you will incur an 8% processing fee deducted from your refund.)   Cancellations made less than 3 days but before midnight on the day before your scheduled arrival will incur a 20% processing fee.  (For example, if you cancel on Wednesday or on Thursday before midnight for a reservation starting Friday, you will incur a 20% processing fee deducted from your refund.) No refunds will be issued if cancelling the day you are scheduled to arrive.*  

CHANGING RESERVATIONS:  If you would like to increase the facilities needed during your stay, simply enter a new online reservation and note that it's related to your existing reservation #___.   If you want to reschedule your existing reservation to a later date, and you contact us at registration@wahorsepark.org at least 3 days prior to your originally scheduled arrival, the date change will not incur a processing fee.   Fees for any other reservation modifications will be handled on a case-by-case basis.*

*Different policies may apply to organized events such as shows, camps and clinics; please refer to the registration information for these events.  The Park reserves the right to modify fees for handling cancellations and changes involving extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis.

Information to help you plan your visit:


This includes anyone at the Park for any reason other than attending the organized events listed on our calendar. (If you are attending one of those events, please see the Event Attendees information below.)

All our fees are "ala carte".  Unlike at some other facilities, the Park’s Day Use fee is in addition to renting an RV space and/or a stall.   You will pay for just what you need.  Nothing is included with anything else, with the exception of Cross Country Schooling which includes day use of outdoor arenas and trails. Even if your reservation is entirely FREE (for instance, youth dry camping) you must register.

See each product page for fees and other information along with availability, terms, and conditions. Read the Park’s Rules by clicking here   Fees based on external costs are subject to change during the season, with sixty days notice.

NO RECREATIONAL USE IS ALLOWED DURING MAXIMUM CAPACITY EVENTS.  Please check the Park calendar before making your reservation.

Please make your entire reservation on one order, to the extent you are able to do so.  You will not be able to modify your order once you have made it, and we understand sometimes things change.  Multiple orders for the same stay can make things confusing on our end, so if you do make multiple orders, please clarify in the comment box.  (For instance, if you are booking an RV space, but plan to book stalls at a later date, because you don't know how many horses you are bringing yet, or you booked day use for your friend, but they will be making their own camping reservations, please let us know that's what's going on.)

Membership Discounts:  Members receive reduced rates for recreational use while also supporting the Park.  You may want to purchase a regular or Season Pass membership before completing your purchase; it may save you money!  Click here for more information.  All Membership Discounts will be applied at checkout with the use of your member coupon code.  If you are a Season Pass or Regular Member, your discount will apply for anyone who is part of your membership.  Any non-members accompanying members must register at the regular rates.

Anyone entering the Park to handle a horse must sign a liability release online by clicking here or at the Park before unloading.  A parent or legal guardian must sign for youth under 18 years of age.


This includes anyone at the Park in connection with an organized event such as a show, camp, or clinic.  You can view these organized events on our Park calendar.   

Some events use the Park’s online system for registrations, while others do not. Follow guidance from the event organizer about how they want participants to sign up, pay for their visit, and complete liability waivers.

Event fees may vary from the Park’s published recreational rates, and membership discounts DO NOT APPLY during organized events.    

If you are interested in booking your next event at the Horse Park please contact Director, Leslie Thurston for more information: director@wahorsepark.org