Cross Country Schooling


This fee covers a 2-hour schooling session, per rider/per horse and includes the use of outdoor arenas and trails for the same day.


  • Send an email request to well in advance. Provide desired schooling date and time, number of riders, trainer’s name, and organizer’s contact information.
  • All riders must be accompanied by a trainer who has current professional liability insurance of at least $1 million. The trainer’s insurance agent/broker needs to provide a Certificate of Insurance stating three (3) additional insureds: Washington State Horse Park as facility operator; and the City of Cle Elum and Sun Communities as property owners/landlords.   (Note: Ask for the Certificate to be issued for the entire policy period so the trainer doesn’t need to provide one for each visit to the Park. The cost of these certificates varies by the insurance company and sometimes is included in the policy premium.) The Certificate is to be scanned and emailed to and must be received and accepted no less than 48 hours prior to schooling.
  • Please call 877‐635‐4111 the day before to confirm arrival.
  • Prior to or upon arrival at the Park, ALL riders must complete the Park’s Registration form, sign the Liability Release and submit both with payment before mounting (forms & payments can be completed online or printed at and turned in to Park dropbox/office) – there are no exceptions to this requirement, including those schooling the West course (Preliminary level). Note: Riders under 18 years of age must have their Liability Release signed by a parent or legal guardian only – complete online or bring this with you if the parent won’t be onsite. NO trainers or other adults may sign the Release on behalf of a parent/guardian. Release: You MUST have a signed release on file to ride at the Park.  If you need to complete or update your release information please click here. 
  • All riders must wear safety vests, helmets, and footwear with a heel.
  • Riders are to stay on the cleared ground and groomed footing for their safety and to preserve the Park grounds.

As a convenience, you may reserve a 4-hour holding stall.  This stall will not have shavings and must be cleaned of all manure and hay prior to your departure.  If your horse paws or tends to tear up the gravel, you may NOT use a holding stall. 

XC Schooling is NOT Available during Maximum Capacity Events where Park is at capacity and closed to other horse activities.  Click Here to see Park Events Calendar