Steve Rother Horsemanship Clinic September 2024

April 10-14, 2024
Welcome to the Horse Park!  We have tried to provide information to explain the facilities and what each reservation covers and how to make it.  If you have additional questions, please contact us at

Note that Membership discounts do not apply to events.  If you are coming to the Park for an event, be aware that some registrations are taken directly by the organizer while others are taken on this website.  You must register through the event and pay the applicable event fees.

Click here for the online registration process and cancellation policy.

All event attendees are responsible for understanding and adhering to the Park's Rules and Regulations. Click here to review or print a copy.

In addition to any registration for an event hosted at the Park, participants must purchase/pay for the following:

  • Haul in fee - $15 per horse/per day (This applies to anyone using the facilities and not staying overnight)
  • Overnight accommodations: RV Hook-up - $45 per night or Dry camping - $10 per night
  • Stall - $30 per horse/per night (This is REQUIRED for any overnight stay. No Haul-In fee is required when reserving a stall)
  • Shavings - $12 per bag (One bag of shavings is included with your stall rental. Additional bags of shavings can be purchased online or onsite and picked up from the office or event host)
  • Day Holding Stall - $15 per day. Daytime use of a stall for up to 8 hours.  Half a bag of shavings included. No overnights and you must clean your stall upon leaving.
  • Stall Cleaning - $25 If you know you will not be able to thoroughly clean your stall, please add this item.

You can also copy the link below and send to others in your group.



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